When a farm is not a farm…but is a farm.

It is debatable, if I won the lottery I would either:

A) do this


B) do this


In reality, we live in a 1400 square foot older house on the family’s second farm. When the family’s main dairy farm was sold in 2007, we bought the little house.  Starting out we did not have the money to purchase the 90 acres behind us so we simple severed 2 acres and started our family.

My husband’s brother kept 80 acres of the main farm and the barns. It is there that little projects change each year – goats, sheep, beef cows, chickens, turkeys, eggs, a milking cow, maple syrup bush and feed crops.

On our property we planted 5 fruit trees, raspberries and current bushes 15 years ago. I have had a 50 x 30 foot garden and now we have made 3 swipes with the tractor to create a potato plot, corn plot and (new this year!) a community plot.

Another friend has a small orchard that augments our small harvest of apples with more apple varieties and pears.  Neighbours have an organic farm that specialized in asparagus and greens in the summer where we purchase things that add variety in our diets.

Is this a farming?

The definition of the verb ‘to farm’:
1. To cultivate or produce a crop on (land).
2. To cultivate, breed, or raise (plants or animals).

Our farm may not profit in any way other supplying us with food that we plant, grow, feed and care for ethically. We share with the community and receive food back.  We buy local and support others ‘farms’.  Yes, we farm.

Benefits: home grown food, knowledge and the reward of hard work.

NOTE:  Darling Daughter is on board with me to live like a Gypsy (which we are by blood) – lottery choice B, however hubby … not so much.  We are working on him.


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