Community Online

So many ideas, so little time.  But I’ve got a great idea for you.


Many times I’ve sat at the computer and glanced (okay lost hours) at Pinterest looking for ideas, recipes, crafts and on and on.  Many of the links lead to magazine, food networks or professional blogs. Places where recipes can be worked on for days and skillfully photographed with stimulating backgrounds and words like EASY! DELICIOUS! TRY IT!.  Pictures are so amazing – drool-worth and sometimes deceptive.

In the world of pinterest fails I’d say my current percentage of successes and failures is 50/50.  How did that not turn out like the glossy image I saw and sometimes who really enjoys eating this crap.  The reason I try recipes to post on this blog (and take my own unprofessional pictures) is to show that:

1) food can look perfect or not so perfect and still be tasty …. or not so tasty

2) a recipe can be suggested but you can make it your own too

3) regular humans can do it


That is also what I look for in a blogger: loves life in its perfection/imperfection, individualises ideas and is creative, love the natural and continues to learn and try new things.  May I introduce you to my community online – places worth visiting, reading and following.  Here you find the juicy ideas that work.


Ballycanoe Loweland Farms  – farm life, animals, recipes, healthy living blog …. and another Canuck who I know personally.  Someone who literally went out and bought the farm. Worth the follow!

Wooler Dale Farms – organic farm in our area selling foods at the home farm,  various farmer’s markets in Toronto (Wynchwood, Trinity, Dufferin Grove, Brickworks) and Peterborough Farmers Market.  They were winners of the Outstanding Horticultural Producer Award at the 2014 Ontario Organic Awards.

Sarah Stogryn Birth and Wellness – don’t be scared off by the ‘birth’ word. There is so much more. Sarah is a lifelong friend and I believe all this started with us investigating aromatherapy while we were in university.  Now she is an expert in creating herbal concoctions – some that are even foraged locally.  Plus there is the doula, baby care and health wellness bonuses.


Make your own conclusions, check them out, be creative, learn, connect and tell me if you have found a blog that is AWESOME!


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