Cucumber Turkey ‘Sandwiches’

I’ve never really had a taste for store bought bread.  Bakeries can bring my inner bread-a-holic out, but luckily I live rurally and have never caught on to baking my own.  As a result – the sandwich idea for lunch (either for Darling Daughter or myself) never really took hold in this house.  One of the ideas I’ve come across that makes an excellent packed lunch or homemade snack is the breadless cucumber turkey sandwich.  It is sure to please all your taste buds as well as being low calorie, low carb and delish.  (This idea is one I found on The Kitchen is My Playground’s Blog

Prep Time: 5 minutes                     Makes: 8 Sandwiches                Serving Size:  2 Sandwiches


  • 1 cucumber (Garden variety vs. English – they are wider)
  • 4 oz Spreadable cream cheese
  • dried/fresh dill
  • 4 oz sliced turkey (home cooked or deli)
  • ground pepper

Remove ends of cucumber. Cut cucumber roughly in half. Cut each cucumber piece horizontally into approximately 1/4-inch thick slices to form the sandwich ‘bread.’ For each ‘sandwich,’ lay out one cucumber slice and sprinkle with a bit of pepper. Spread with cheese, sprinkle with dill, and add turkey. Top with another cucumber slice and sprinkle the top with dill and or pepper as desired.

Darling Daughter’s Notes:  I didn’t like this with plain cream cheese, but really liked it when mom used Laughing Cow Herb and Garlic.  A little tricky to hold as the cucumber is wet – but pretty good.

Suggested Nutritional Values (2 sandwich) Calories 134, Protien 7g, Carbohydrates 4g, Dietary Fiber 1g, Sugars 3g, Total Fat 10g, Cholesterol 43mg, Sodium 381mg

Great Mineral Bonuses:  Vitamin K 17%, Riboflavin 13%, Phosphorus 13%

Diabetes Type 2 Suggestions:   In our family we do not use deli meats unless they are 100% natural with no additives.  This will cut sodium as well as preservatives you do not need in your system.  Use whole cream cheese – not low fat to gain the benefits of calcium. 



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