Personal Pizza Pita (Perfection)

My daughter despises pizza.  It devastated us at first… Friday’s ‘family night’ saw no more cheesy, bready, meaty, saucy goodness.  Then we realized there might be a better pizza way?  Homemade ~ with foods we like personalized.  Pizza Perfection!  The following is our favourite Pita Pizza but the sky is the limit when you put your own swing on this recipe.  Remember to overload with the fresh veggies.

Prep Time: 10 minutes           Cooking Time: 7-10 minutes            Makes one Personal Pizza


  • 1 – 7” pita wrap
  • 4 Tbsp. Tomato Sauce
  • Mushroom, sliced
  • Green Pepper, sliced
  • Red Onion, sliced
  • Oregano (fresh or dried)
  • ¼ cup mozzarella cheese, shredded

Lay pita on stoneware or cooking sheet. Spread Tomato Sauce on pita. Top with mushroom, green pepper, red onion and sprinkle with oregano. Add shredded mozzarella.  Bake at 325C for 7-10 minutes, watching for melting cheese and crisping pita.  Roll up and enjoy or use a fork and knife.

Darling Daughter’s Notes:  I put some ham chunks on mine but I like chicken too.  Asparagus and feta are my favourite adds.

Suggested Nutritional Values (1 Pizza): Calories 262, Protein 14g, Carbohydrates 30g, Dietary Fiber 7g, Sugars 8g, Total Fat 10g, Cholesterol 16mg, Sodium 231mg

Great Mineral Bonuses:  Phosphorus 49%, Vitamin C 46%, Selenium 40%, Niacin 36%

Diabetes Type 2 Suggestions:   Use a low sodium tomato sauce or even better a homemade sauce to be heart healthy.  Instead of having a second wrap … load one with all the goodness you wish to eat:  ham/pineapple/asparagus, chicken/spinach/feta.  The variations are endless. Choose fresh and whole ingredients and you will not go wrong.




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